Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone?

It is clear smartphones are extremely popular.  Whether you are an iPhone, Android or Blackberry fan; the current crop of phones are used for much more than making calls.  Smartphones have become our cameras, address books gaming systems, movie players, alarm clocks, computers, and GPS devices (to name a few....I am sure there are more items I have missed).

The Huffington Post provides a nice summary of a world wide survey conducted by Time Magazine's Techland regarding mobile phone use.  Feel free to check out both articles and read just how "phone crazy" we have become.  Two numbers that stuck out to me:

    1. 84 percent of respondents said that they could not go a single day without their cellphones.  I am with this group.  If I do not have my phone on me when I leave the house, I almost "freak out."  In the past two years I have probably left my house without my iPhone only twice.
    2. 50 percent of Americans sleep with their phone next to them like a teddy bear or a spouse, a number that includes more than 80 percent of 18-24 year olds.  Ok, now I assume "like a teddy bear or spouse" means in the actual bed.  I do not go that far; mine is always on the nightstand next to my bed.  I use it as an alarm clock.

In other "cell phone addicted news" Eva Resturant in Califorina offers a 5% discount to patrons that hand over their cellphones upon entering the restaurant.  Now, I try to follow a strict rule of no phone out during meals (whether at home or while dining out).  I must admit, I am not perfect with this, and I often catch myself trying to sneak my phone out at some meals.  I like the idea of the discount as incentive to keep the phone away during a meal.

Are you addicted to your smartphone?  Do you find yourself grabbing it throughout the day without even thinking?  Do you sleep with your phone?  I wonder if "Smartphone Interventions" will have to start taking place?  Maybe the solution would be providing smartphone addicts with Loyal Reader Daddy O's favorite phone, The Jitterbug


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