August 2012 Read of the Month

I "downloaded" my August 2012 Read of the Month this afternoon as I was completing some work preparing for the new school year.  I really can not believe it is already August.  Where did the summer go?

As I have mentioned before, I try to read at least one "True Crime" book per year.  Earlier today I nearly purchased The Kennedy Detail, a true account by one of President John F. Kennedy's Secret Service Agents.  I was just about to purchase this title, until Amazon suggested another title as I was browsing online; Columbine by David Cullen.  I decided to go with this true crime book for two reasons: first, it is much more recent and fresh in my head and second, my profession is related to this terrible event.

Clearly, this will not be a happy, cheerful read.  I am looking forward to the book, because Cullen spends a great deal of time trying to discover why this tragedy took place.  Happy reading, and enjoy the final month of summer, personally I can not wait for fall!


  1. I've had that book for ages but haven't opened it yet. I will this month, then! Looking forward to it.

    1. Oh my god. I read the whole thing last night. I'd meant to only read thirty pages, but then it was like a freight train and I just couldn't stop. This morning around seven my husband came in with our baby and we had this convo:

      Him: Good morning!
      Me: I hardly slept last night. I read this whole book. The whole thing.
      Him: You did? How late were you up?
      Me: I don't know, my phone's in the other room. I was up until three hundred and sixty page o'clock.

      It was that engrossing. I couldn't stop. Wow.


      PS - Wow.

    2. Wow Meg, I just started (because we were heading out of town) and it is crazy. I can already tell the author spent a great deal of time on this book...not something just thrown together to make some cash.

    3. Just finished Meg.....very well done book. It took a while, mainly because I was busy, not because I did not enjoy the book.

  2. Read something light next time... Silver Lining Playbook by Quick. The movie is coming out this fall. It has football but is just a really good story.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I will check it out. Most of my reads are light....once and while I go for the true-crime stuff.


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