The 100 Best Ever Teen Novels

Today I stumbled across another ranking list; NPR asked listeners to rank their favorite Young Adult Novels.  Sadly, the voting is closed, so all I can do is take in the list to see how everyone voted.  Over 70,000 participants provided input for the rankings. 

It is really not much of a surprise to see The Harry Potter series or The Hunger Games series so high on the list.  A few reflections I have after looking over the entire list:
  1. It was nice to see a few classics or throwbacks on the list, but the list is really dominated by newer, young adult fiction.  I really do not have a problem with that; obviously teens would more then likely choose The Hunger Games over Treasure Island. was nice to see some older titles on the list.
  2. I really liked that so many of John Green's books made the top 100 list.  If you have yet to read any of his works you should really give one a try.  My favorite (so far) is Looking for Alaska.
  3. I am happy to see that my library at Carlson High School has nearly all 100 of the titles/series in circulation.  I pride myself of keeping a modern collection to keep students interested in reading.
  4. No, I have not read all 100 books (or series) on the list.  There are some I want to read....there are others I have no desire to pick up at this time.
  5. I really wish I would have stumbled across this list earlier (before voting closed) so I could have included my input.
  6. I personally think young adult fiction is better today (than when I was a kid) because the books are really aimed at teens....and adults.  Publishers and authors realize that quality books can be aimed at a large audience.
So there you have my thoughts.  What do you think of the list?  Did your favorite make the top 100?  Did you vote?  Any titles that you think SHOULD be on the list that did not make the top 100?


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