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Octobern 2012 Read of the Month

I just ordered my October Read of the Month from Amazon, selecting an actual hard-cover book to kick off my school year reading.  Based upon a recommendation I ordered Dare Me by Megan Abbott.   I decided to order the hardcover version of the book so I can add it into circulation at Carlson High School's library once I finish reading.  I usually do this with a few books each year to help build my collection when my book budget is low. Dare Me is a young adult novel which revolves around main characters Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy.  Addy and Beth are senior members of the extremely important cheer squad at their school.  A new coach arrives and soon Addy and Beth realize their senior year may not run as smoothly as planned. October Read of the Month Now, this may be an odd read for me (teenage girl drama in a high school), but I am always looking for new books to circulate at Carlson High School.  Cheerleading is huge at Carlson so that alone would probably make this a pop

No Read of the Month for September, And I've Missed It

As I mentioned earlier this month, I would not be reading a book for the month of September.  I was just way too busy with back to school (work) and picking up two classes at Wayne County Community College.  Now that the month is nearly over I find that I really missed reading a book.  Probably because I spent the better part of last week cataloging many of the new books I will be placing on the shelves in my library at Carlson High School.  I have so many ideas about what I want to read for October's Read of the Month (and November's, and December's....).  I also have some great suggestions from my readers so it looks like I will have plenty of novels to choose from over the next few months.  I also hope to dedicate more time to writing on a regular schedule.  I have a pretty good routine down with all of my responsibilities (family, two jobs, and hobbies).  Thankfully, I have been able to enjoy a few short stories that I use for one of my college courses.

iPhone 5 Thoughts

As expected, Apple introduced the newest iPhone this past week as the iPhone 5 was introduced.  While the iPhone 5 may not be a "ground breaking" release, there are some important changes to the popular phone: Physically the iPhone 5 will be lighter, and longer.  The 4" inch screen is longer and will have a resolution of 640x1136 pixels.  The iPhone 5 will only weigh 112 grams. The new iPhone will include new cellular technology, mainly 4G LTE, which will help speed up downloads over cellular networks. A new, faster A6 processor chip will help with overall speed on the device.  Smartphones are basically computers in your pocket.  So just like with a computer, new, faster processors are released that help improve overall speed. An improved cameras and microphones.  The iPhone 5 will actually contain three microphones to assist with audio recordings. A new "lighting dock" will also replace the old 30 pin dock that Apple has been using for years.  This may

Ok....I'm Back....and So is a New iPhone

As I mentioned in my previous post , early September is always a crazy time of the year for me.  Not only is it back to school for me, it is also back to school for my children (both now in elementary school).  Add in a late teaching assignment at Wayne County Community College (two classes, all day on Saturday) and it is easy to see just how crazy the start of September is for me. With this post, I hope to be back to a writing on a more consistent basis.  Thanks for putting up with a minor delay as we started the school year over here at the Pehote household. So, besides my lame excuses for not writing, I do have a little more to write about tonight.  Big news for me (and all the other Apple Gadget Geeks out there). Word on the street (I guess we should be saying "word on the web" now-a-days) is that Apple will introduce the new iPhone 5 this week!  I am pretty excited because I am ready for a new phone.  My contract expired in June and I have just been waiting for the

September Read of the Month On Hold

It is back to school time; a crazy time of year in my home.  Just as I was ready to start the year at Carlson High School I received a call  from Wayne County Community College to teach two English classes this semester.  This last minute call came as a surprise, but I loved teaching there earlier this year so I accepted the classes.  I have been working all weekend to prepare for both of my jobs.  I think it is safe to say with everything going on in September that casual reading is going to be out of the question.  After-all I want to keep posting here, so something had to go. By October I should be settled in (once Carlson's Homecoming is over) and ready for a good read.  Until then, September will be all about work....and some writing.  I hope everyone has a great start as the new school year begins!