iPhone 5 Thoughts

As expected, Apple introduced the newest iPhone this past week as the iPhone 5 was introduced.  While the iPhone 5 may not be a "ground breaking" release, there are some important changes to the popular phone:

  1. Physically the iPhone 5 will be lighter, and longer.  The 4" inch screen is longer and will have a resolution of 640x1136 pixels.  The iPhone 5 will only weigh 112 grams.
  2. The new iPhone will include new cellular technology, mainly 4G LTE, which will help speed up downloads over cellular networks.
  3. A new, faster A6 processor chip will help with overall speed on the device.  Smartphones are basically computers in your pocket.  So just like with a computer, new, faster processors are released that help improve overall speed.
  4. An improved cameras and microphones.  The iPhone 5 will actually contain three microphones to assist with audio recordings.
  5. A new "lighting dock" will also replace the old 30 pin dock that Apple has been using for years.  This may anger many Apple fans that have purchased numerous devices for their iPhones and iPods in the past.  An adapter will be sold by Apple (of course) so everything is worthless.

The iPhone 5, Now Go Get in Line Slacker

Pre-orders are currently being accepted (and surprise, surprise there is already a "shortage" of the new iPhones.)  The phone is supposed to start shipping on 9/21, but this "shocking" shortage will probably mean long lines and waits for the iPhone 5.  I do plan to upgrade, but I do not plan to camp out for a phone.  I hope by late October/early November I can calmly purchase a new phone.  Has anyone pre-ordered their phone already?  Are you mad about the new port? 


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