No Read of the Month for September, And I've Missed It

As I mentioned earlier this month, I would not be reading a book for the month of September.  I was just way too busy with back to school (work) and picking up two classes at Wayne County Community College.  Now that the month is nearly over I find that I really missed reading a book.  Probably because I spent the better part of last week cataloging many of the new books I will be placing on the shelves in my library at Carlson High School.  I have so many ideas about what I want to read for October's Read of the Month (and November's, and December's....). 

I also have some great suggestions from my readers so it looks like I will have plenty of novels to choose from over the next few months.  I also hope to dedicate more time to writing on a regular schedule.  I have a pretty good routine down with all of my responsibilities (family, two jobs, and hobbies).  Thankfully, I have been able to enjoy a few short stories that I use for one of my college courses.


  1. I'm going to Puerto Rico for a week in November (sans baby!) and I'm looking for some fun books to read while I'm there. Any suggestions?


    1. Nice, lucky you! I really like John Green. Have you read all of his stuff? I will look at some of my new stuff at work this week and get back to you! Enjoy that trip!


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