Ok....I'm Back....and So is a New iPhone

As I mentioned in my previous post, early September is always a crazy time of the year for me.  Not only is it back to school for me, it is also back to school for my children (both now in elementary school).  Add in a late teaching assignment at Wayne County Community College (two classes, all day on Saturday) and it is easy to see just how crazy the start of September is for me.

With this post, I hope to be back to a writing on a more consistent basis.  Thanks for putting up with a minor delay as we started the school year over here at the Pehote household.

So, besides my lame excuses for not writing, I do have a little more to write about tonight.  Big news for me (and all the other Apple Gadget Geeks out there). Word on the street (I guess we should be saying "word on the web" now-a-days) is that Apple will introduce the new iPhone 5 this week!  I am pretty excited because I am ready for a new phone.  My contract expired in June and I have just been waiting for the new release.  I usually skip a release because I refuse to the pay full, non-subsidized pricing for a phone.  My iPhone 4 works pretty well, but the battery life is not what it used to be.  This has happened with my previous versions of the iPhone.  It seems once it hits two years old, it just does not last as long.

While I look forward to hearing about the new features of the iPhone, I will not be camping out in some crazy line to purchase the new phone.  I have no problem waiting a month or so and calmly walking into a retailer to make my purchase.  I wish I had some of that free time to camp out to buy a phone....crazy.


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