September Read of the Month On Hold

It is back to school time; a crazy time of year in my home.  Just as I was ready to start the year at Carlson High School I received a call  from Wayne County Community College to teach two English classes this semester.  This last minute call came as a surprise, but I loved teaching there earlier this year so I accepted the classes.  I have been working all weekend to prepare for both of my jobs.  I think it is safe to say with everything going on in September that casual reading is going to be out of the question.  After-all I want to keep posting here, so something had to go.

By October I should be settled in (once Carlson's Homecoming is over) and ready for a good read.  Until then, September will be all about work....and some writing.  I hope everyone has a great start as the new school year begins!


  1. How cool! Which classes are you teaching?

    1. A reading/study skills course and a writing course. All day Saturday. We will see how that goes.


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