The 50 Best Websites of 2012

Stumbled across another great "Top List" via  I hope you are not ready for ways to waste even more time when you fire up your computer or tablet, because I present to you the the 50 Best Websites of 2012.  I know, just what you needed right?  As if you were not distracted enough by Facebook, Twitter, or The Geekly Reader for that matter. 

I found myself browsing through the entire slide show and then taking the time to visit a few of the sites myself.  I may have to check out Squarespace if I start to get tired of the limitations with Blogger.  As a gamer, I love some of the game sites presented, especially Atari Arcade.  Just what I need, more sites to waste my time instead of being productive while online.

What are some of your favorite "distraction" sites?  Are you over Facebook and have you moved onto some new social sites?  Does anything on the list catch your eye? 


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