Waiting for an iPhone 5

I wrote back in mid September about the new iPhone 5 and how I was looking forward to buying the new model.  I do not buy every new model, so I am actually 2 models back (I am using an iPhone 4) which is starting to really have a problem holding a charge.  I need to always have a mid-day charge if I want my phone to last throughout the day.

I thought by now, well over a month after the release of the iPhone 5 that I could purchase one with no problem.  Wow, I was wrong.  According to the Apple online-store site it is about a month for the phone to arrive via order.  Same goes if I head to the local AT&T store.  Best Buy is still filling pre-orders from September.  The only retail location I did not look into was an actual Apple store but it is safe to say the wait is similar there as well.

I refused to "camp out" for a phone.  I find that to be crazy; as a matter of fact Apple rival Samsung did a great job poking fun at Apple "Campers" with this commercial that was released back a few weeks ago:

Well, it looks like I will just order from the Apple site and wait for a month.  I keep going back and forth if I need the 32g or 64g.  My current 32g is nearly full, and with more and more movie purchases being made with digital copies I may need the extra space.  Plus I love shooting video and pictures with my phone.

Are there any iPhone 5 owners out there?  How do you like the new phone?  Did you like the Samsung commercial?  Sorry if it offended, I am an Apple guy and I find them amusing.


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