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2012 Geekly Reader Gift Wish List

For the past two years I have wrote my gadget holiday wish lists with no luck of a wealthy fan of the Geekly Reader sending me any gifts.  So I will try again and keep my fingers crossed.....or keep buying Powerball tickets and treat myself to an amazing Christmas. In all honesty, I really do not have much of a wish list this year.  Right after Christmas last year I finally upgraded my main television.  I replaced my old monster HDTV with a new, slim 60" LED that is amazing.  I also just updated to the iPhone 5 from my old 4.  So, what does that leave for gadgets this year?  A new, 64g Retina Display iPad : Yes, I do currently own an iPad 2 (16g).  I think it is amazing.  The entire family uses the device daily.  However, after picking up the iPhone 5 this month I now realize what a difference the new screen makes.  The images on my iPhone 5 screen are amazing.  Believe me, I used to say "retina display makes no difference."  Wow, let me say I was wrong, it is a

All Time Top 100 Video Games

Well, the folks at have done it again and published another "Top 100" list.  This list easily grabbed my attention, The Top 100 Video Games of all Time.   The list is neatly organized in time order running from the 1970's to the current decade.  Games from various platforms are included on the list (computer, arcade, home console and smartphone app based games). As I  wrote before, I am still a gamer.   I would not say I am as "hard-core" as I used to be in my 20's, but I still play.  I decided to take some time and look over the entire list to see how many of the games I have experienced in my thirty-seven years.  So here we go: 1970's:  I played six of the seven games mentioned for this decade.  The only gave I have no history with is "Hunt the Wumpus."  I remember spending hours playing "Oregon Trial" at Hunter Elementary School as a kid. 1980's: The late 80's welcomed the prime of my gaming years.  I spent t

2012, The Year of Prediction Geeks

Well, the election is now in the past and your phone should stop ringing a little and the Pillow Pets advertisements can return to your television.  I must admit, I am a politics geek.  I was up until 2:00 A.M. early Wednesday morning flipping around through all of the networks as the results trickled in and states where filled in red or blue.  I was not surprised by the results of the election.  It pretty much fell together how I had thought.  I am not going to lie and say I am some great prognosticator, the truth is, I have been following The FiveThiryEight Blog since early 2012 and that is what prepared me for election night. If you have never heard of the 538 Blog, or Nate Silver (the geek behind the blog) you should really take some time and check out what it has to offer.  Silver is a Michigan guy (East Lansing High School) and started in the world of baseball stats before jumping into elections.  For the election, Silver took into account polls and numbers from across the cou

November 2012 Read of the Month

Thanks to my state librarian conference I have found my November 2012 Read of the Month.   Croak by Gina Damico is a young adult novel.  The main character, sixteen-year-old Lex is a troubled teenager.  Her parents are fed up with her bad behavior and decide to send her to her Uncle Mort's farm for the summer.  Lex's parents believe she will be busy working on a farm all summer, boy are they wrong. Uncle Mort is actually a Grim Reaper, and he quickly begins teaching Lex the craft.  The novel follows Lex and her adventures in the world of Croak.  Pretty Cool Cover to This One There is already a sequel to Croak , Scorch .  So if I enjoy the book, I can quickly add two new titles to the library at Carlson.  The book comes highly recommended and I like the premise of the novel.  I do not care how busy I am this month (which I really am not compared to October and September) or how badly I dislike this book, I will finish this read of the month and provide a full summary at

October Read of the Month a No Go

Well, I could not do it, I could not finish my October 2012 Read of the Month, Dare Me, by Megan Abbott .  I think this one was just too much "girl power" for me.  I really enjoyed the writing style, I just could not relate to the story line or the characters.  I have already promised to let a couple female friends borrow the book so I can hear their input.  Before I could even do that, one of my library students (also a varsity cheerleader) grabbed the book and started reading.  I should be hearing a full review next week. So, no after missing a Read of the Month for two straight months I really need to find something good.  It works out perfectly that I am at the Michigan Association of Media in Education conference in Lansing.  Tomorrow I will be able to hear a wonderful presentation about some of the top new novels aimed at young readers.  I should have no problem picking a great book out for the month of November.  No way am I going 0 - for my last 3 months.  There wil