2012 Geekly Reader Gift Wish List

For the past two years I have wrote my gadget holiday wish lists with no luck of a wealthy fan of the Geekly Reader sending me any gifts.  So I will try again and keep my fingers crossed.....or keep buying Powerball tickets and treat myself to an amazing Christmas.

In all honesty, I really do not have much of a wish list this year.  Right after Christmas last year I finally upgraded my main television.  I replaced my old monster HDTV with a new, slim 60" LED that is amazing.  I also just updated to the iPhone 5 from my old 4.  So, what does that leave for gadgets this year? 

  1. A new, 64g Retina Display iPad: Yes, I do currently own an iPad 2 (16g).  I think it is amazing.  The entire family uses the device daily.  However, after picking up the iPhone 5 this month I now realize what a difference the new screen makes.  The images on my iPhone 5 screen are amazing.  Believe me, I used to say "retina display makes no difference."  Wow, let me say I was wrong, it is a major difference.  Also, I made a huge mistake when I purchased the iPad 2.  I went the cheap route thinking I only needed the 16g of storage.  This was a major mistake.  The apps are getting much bigger and more and more movies are available with a digital copy.  I really wish I had more storage space.
  2.  Beats By Dre Over Ear Headphones (in Blue please):  Ok, a few things.  I hate earbuds.  I have always hated using them with my iPods and iPhones over the years.  I do not know what it is, I just hate sticking them into my ears.  A few years ago I bought a pair of Philips over-ear headphones that I would use when traveling and working on my computer (they are on right now as I listen to my Spotify playlist).  I bought these long before "big" headphones became popular again (in part thanks to Beats by Dre).  Large headphones are all over now, and I just laugh, thinking how a few years ago kids would not be caught dead with giant headphones.  I realize these are expensive, and the price is mainly based on hype not quality.  At the same time, I really do like the way they look compared to other over ear headphones on the market.  Who knows, maybe Santa will have this under my tree on Christmas morning.
  3. iTunes Gift Cards:  It seems we add a new Apple product every year so iTunes cards always come in handy.  I do like that you just have to buy an item once and it can be shared on all devices in the household.  

Yeah, so really this is all I have for 2012.  I think that is a good thing really.  To be honest, I will probably hold off on picking up a new iPad until the end of the school year.  Neither of my kids want any gadgets, so it appears 2012 will be a low-tech Christmas.  I am kind of bummed about that, but what can I do.  I am sure Santa will pick up a few video games for "the kids."  I mean, we have all been good right?  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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