All Time Top 100 Video Games

Well, the folks at have done it again and published another "Top 100" list.  This list easily grabbed my attention, The Top 100 Video Games of all Time.  The list is neatly organized in time order running from the 1970's to the current decade.  Games from various platforms are included on the list (computer, arcade, home console and smartphone app based games).

As I wrote before, I am still a gamer.  I would not say I am as "hard-core" as I used to be in my 20's, but I still play.  I decided to take some time and look over the entire list to see how many of the games I have experienced in my thirty-seven years.  So here we go:
  • 1970's:  I played six of the seven games mentioned for this decade.  The only gave I have no history with is "Hunt the Wumpus."  I remember spending hours playing "Oregon Trial" at Hunter Elementary School as a kid.
  • 1980's: The late 80's welcomed the prime of my gaming years.  I spent time playing twenty of the titles mentioned on this list.  Some of my favorites: "Pit Fall," "Super Mario Brothers," "The Legend of Zelda," and numerous quarters were spent on "Out Run" at Woodhaven Lanes.
  • 1990's: I spent time playing eleven of the titles mentioned for this decade.  Some of my favorites include "Mortal Combat," "Resident Evil" (my first experience on the Sony Play Station), "Metal Gear Solid," and "Madden 95."  I am surprised the Electronic Arts NHL series did not make the list.  I spent many nights playing with the Pittsburgh Penguins on my Sega Genesis.  I was still doing quite a bit of gaming during the 1990's, especially during my undergraduate time at Eastern Michigan University....yeah I am a dork I know!
  • 2000's: Much less here, as I have only played six of the titles mentioned.  My favorites include "Grand Theft Auto III," Splinter Cell," and "Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare."  My gaming time started to slow down during this decade.....sadly.
  • 2010's: I own "Batman, Arkham City" and agree that the game is amazing
I really enjoyed this list.  I loved the opportunity to read about each game and vote if I agreed that the game belongs on the top 100 list.  Some of the background information provided for the older games is interesting as well.  Give the list a browse and see how many of the games you have played.  Feel free to vote on each game as well.


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