December 2012 Read of the Month

I have selected my December 2012 Read of the Month (with some help from my sister Laura). She has been telling me to read The Silver Lining Playbook by Matthew Quick for a while.  I guess I am way behind the times on this book, because a movie based upon the book was released last month.  I did not even know of the movie (once again, I am not a big movie guy).  My sister swears I will love the book, especially because I love young adult author John Green so much.

From what I have glanced over, narrator Pat Peoples is a former high school history teacher that has just been released from a mental institution and placed in his mother's care.  He believes he has only been away for a few months (not the actual four years he has spent away).  Pat has dreams to reconcile with his wife and tries to win her back. 

Who knows, if I really enjoy the book I may have to watch the movie when it comes out for home viewing.  The cast looks pretty good, so that is a start.  I look forward to writing more often now that my college courses have finished for the semester.  This was the first time I taught two courses in addition to my day job at Carlson High School.  It really did take up quite a bit of my writing time.  I already have some great topics to write on, including a piece I hope to post tomorrow or Tuesday on Holiday Gift Giving thanks to a link loyal reader "Daddy-O" sent my way.  Keep you eyes open!


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