Presents to Avoid Thanks to "Daddy - O"

It is getting close to "crunch time" for the holiday season.  The number of shopping days left before Christmas is down to just twelve.  This may be the time that many shoppers (especially men) panic and make a huge mistake when purchasing Christmas gifts.  Sadly, your friends and loved-ones may not post a holiday wish list so you are on your own when it comes to gift selections.  So what should you be looking for?  Well, loyal reader "Daddy-O" sent me a great link of "The 6 Kind of Christmas Gifts to Avoid!"

I really liked the "All About Me Gift" and the "The Non-Gift" summaries.  Let's face it, once you have been married for a while, it is hard to avoid "The Non-Gift."  In our house the money is "our money" so it is not like any gifts are really purchased with my "own" money.  I realize I have been guilty of purchasing the "The Non-Gift" in the past.....and probably will again in the future.

I really do not see myself buying the "All About Me Gift" but I can see how it happens.  I actually think this classification can be kind of harsh.  If someone works really hard to save for a gift, of course they want to feel good about what they purchased.  Believe me, if someone buys me a pair of over-ear Beats I will be very excited and not think the person is an "All About Me" friend.

One last tip my mother always reminded me about gifts....never buy your girlfriend or wife a kitchen appliance; I have followed that rule to this day.  I assume that rule falls under the "The Non-Gift" category.

Thanks for the great link "Daddy-O!"  I hope this helps readers wrap up their Christmas shopping this year.  On a side note, I am loving my my December 2012 Read of the Month!


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