Gadgets on my Radar for 2013

With the start of a new year it is time to think about what gadgets I need to update in the Pehote household this year.  I make about two or three gadget/technology updates each year and I am sure 2013 will not be different from previous years.  In 2012 I made a few major purchases, including a new laptop and phone.  So what do I have in mind for 2013?  Let's see:

  • A New iPad:  I currently own the iPad 2, 16g version.  I look back and realize that I should have purchased one with more storage space.  My iPad2 still works fine, so I will keep it around for the kids.  I never thought the retina display would mean much, but since purchasing my new iPhone 5 a few months ago it is really easy to notice the difference.  Now, I may have to take a look at the new iPad Mini but I plan to stick with the full size and more storage space (maybe 32 gig).
Should I give the iPad mini a try?

  • A New Printer:  Yep, it looks like it is time to hit CNET and find a new printer for my home.  While there is nothing really "wrong" with my current printer, I think it is just time to upgrade.  I made this same decision in 2012 with my home router and it greatly improved wireless access in my home.  I would like a new printer that can handle print jobs wirelessly from my laptop, phone and iPad.  This way, I am not always tied down to my computer desk to print documents.  
  • I mentioned my third and final gadget back in November of 2012 when I put together my Holiday Wish List for Christmas 2012.  Well, I must have been a "bad boy" this year because I did not receive a pair of Beats Headphones from Santa.  I really enjoy zoning out and listening to music and I think I would really get a lot of use out of these.  Shout out to my dad for giving them a try....until he had sticker shock when he noticed the price.
  • A new pen, nothing really fancy.  Just something I can keep on me to journal write more often.  

So, there you have it, some of the new gadgets that will probably find there way into my home in 2013.  I will probably wait out the iPad, as I am sure an update will be coming soon.  


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