Is Barnes and Noble Next?

Are we closer to end of the "Big Book Store?"  Back in 2011 I wrote about the sad demise of Borders Books.  The Michigan book store did not keep up with the eBook movement and sadly went out of business.  It was one of my favorite stores to visit whenever I made a trip to the mall.  Barnes and Noble was able to survive as the only large bookstores, thanks in part to their Nook eReaders.  Instead of ignoring the eBook movement, Barnes and Noble decided to join the movement by creating their own eReader to compete with Amazon's Kindle.

Now that the numbers have been analyzed from the 2012 holiday shopping season, things are not looking so good for Barnes and Noble.  This article examines if the large book chain can survive in the era of tablets and eBooks.

Can the Nook Keep Barnes and Noble Afloat?

Sadly, I do not visit Barnes and Noble as often as I would visit Borders in the past.  There is one locally, just not conveniently located for me.  I have nothing against Barnes and Noble, if it was closer I would visit more often.  I actually have two gift cards for B&N sitting on my desk as I type this entry.  The fact is, most of the time I buy my books via Amazon or through the iTunes store (for my iPad).  However, I still love browsing actual books now and then.

Do you visit Barnes and Noble often?  Do you own a Nook?  Are you concerned about the final large book store disappearing, or will you be happy with eBooks, Amazon and small independent stores?  I personally hope B&N is able to stick around, as I still enjoy browsing through large book stores!


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