January 2013 Read of the Month Review

Just as I predicted, I knew I would not go wrong with a John Green novel.  I really enjoyed kicking off 2013 with Paper Towns, John Green's third novel.  I do not think I have found a writer that best captures the modern American teenager.  Working in a high school, I believe I have a pretty good understanding of the modern teenage lifestyle.  As I read Green's work, I think to myself that he has to be walking the halls of Carlson High School (or any suburban high school) for that matter to collect his information.

Paper Towns follows main character and narrator Quentin Jacobsen during his senior year of high school.  He has been in love with his neighbor Margo Spellman for his entire life.  After spending an exciting evening together, she disappears, leaving Quentin devastated and looking for answers.  The second half of the novel is an exciting mystery as Quentin struggles to find his missing neighbor (and himself).

I loved the book, Quentin is such an amazing character (as are his two close friends Ben and Radar).  I guess I related, being the dorky, nice guy all through high school.  The journey to find Margo keeps the reader on edge.  I will not spoil the ending for those that have not read the book, but lets just say I am not much of a fan of Margo.

I think a comment I found on Amazon sums it up best when discussing John Green's work, "Read at your own risk though--Green's works are completely addictive, and once you start, it's impossible to stop."  I have to say, the same goes for me, I guess I will have to pick up An Abundance of Katherines next!

I have two possible titles in mind for February, I will decide sometime this week!  Happy Reading! 


  1. I read somewhere that John Green is the new JD Salinger, in that his books are the ones high school teachers should use now to connect with their students. From your reviews that sounds about right. I love Salinger's books about the Glass family, but Catcher in the Rye is awfully dated. Green's books seem much closer to the contemporary high school mindset.


    1. Hi Meg, I almost feel "old" reading them. It's funny, Paper Towns is almost out-dated with reference to communicating via instant message. Amazing how time flies now-a-days.


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