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Where Do You go For Music???

Time sure has changed for music lovers over the years.  While I was never much of an album owner, and thankfully I missed the entire 8-track era, I do recall owning a large collection of cassette tapes.  I also remember using blank cassette tapes to record songs off the radio or making my own "mix tapes" when those "high-tech" dual-deck cassette players were big on the market.  As I threw on my headphones to listen to one of my playlists on this wonderful snow-day I thought I would take some time look back on my music owning experience and how it has changed over my nearly 38 years. The Early Years Listening to My Dad's Records:   While I was not much of an album owner, my dad did have a collection housed in the basement.  I would head down once and a while and mess with the records, but I was always nervous about being yelled at for scratching one.  I did think it was cool to speed up and/or slow down the record to get a quick laugh.  I am glad my parents le

The 100 Best Novels? has done it again!   They have pulled me in with another one of their "top lists."  As many of you know I am a big fan of "top lists" and have wrote about them quite often.   Well, this month I have stumbled upon this great list; The Top 100 Best Novels!   I just found this tonight, so I wanted to write a brief entry so everyone could check this out.   The list is NOT in 100-1 order, I guess that is left for the reader to decide.  Just glancing through the list it appears to favor older "classics."  The list also covers a period that begins in 1923 (the beginning of Time Magazine to present) so many older classics may be left off. Sadly, I have not as many of the books as I probably should have.  What do you think of the list?  Did any of your favorites make the list?  Were any left off?  How many have you read? 

Best Buy's Final Attempt to Survive?

Last March I wrote about the demise of big box electronic retailer "Best Buy."  They have been struggling to make a profit as more and more shoppers make electronic purchases online; or at Target or Walmart (as their electronic departments continue to grow).  In the past month I have noticed two interesting developments relating to Best Buy: A Combination Best Buy/Gardner White Store :  Most of my visits are to the Southgate, Michigan store but I have popped into the Novi, Michigan Best Boy when I am in the area.  Just a few weeks ago I was surprised to see that half of the store was now a furniture store.  It appears that two locations follow this method in Michigan.   Furniture is still an household object that people want to purchase in person, not online.  Maybe this will be one method to save some Best Buy stores, at least locally.  I noticed this location had less DVD movies and CDs on sale (items people are buying less of thanks to streaming and online purchase). Lo

February 2013 Read of the Month

I actually started my February 2013 Read of the Month at the end of January.   I did this for a couple of reasons: The book I selected is a little longer than previous reads February is a shorter month Along with my day job at Carlson, I am back to teaching at Wayne County Community College District and I am taking a college course to keep my teaching certificate current. Ok, enough of how busy I am, on to the book.  For the month of February I am reading  No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden .  Wow, I guess the title really says it all huh?  The book, by former Navy Seal "Mark Owen" was an instant best-seller.  So far the book is a great read and I do not think I will have any trouble finishing the before the 28th. February 2013 Read of the Month Like most Americans, this story has an important place in my heart.  Actually, I will never never forget when President Obama called a press conference late on a Sunday.  Everyon