February 2013 Read of the Month Review

I am a little behind, but I can now provide a quick review to my February 2013 Read of the Month, No Easy Day, by Mark Owen.  The book retold the story of the May 2011 raid that resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden.  It took me a little longer to read the book because I have been pretty busy, not because I did not enjoy the book.

The book is basically broken into two sections.  Most of the first half of the book provides background knowledge of the elite Navy Seal teams and their recruitment and training practices.  The second half of the novel details the raid exactly as it happened on May 1st/2nd 2011 in Pakistan.

I found much of the book to be interesting, but the second half was much more action packed.  It is amazing the planning that went into the raid, and how quickly the Navy Seal team was able to accomplish their goal(s).  I learned quite a bit by reading Owen's book.

After reading this, I really want to see Zero Dark Thirty, the movie that tells the story of the hunt of Bin Laden.  This film has more of a focus on the CIA and agent Maya (Jen in No Easy Day) that spent years searching for Osama Bin Laden.  Has anyone seen the movie?  What do you think?  Worth it to buy?  Well, off to find a book March; better be fast as the month is half over.


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