Spring Break 2013

Only four more days of work and it will be Spring Break for me and most public schools in Wayne County.  This will be the first Spring Break in fifteen years that I will be completely off, no track coach responsibilities to deal with.  This means I actually have ten straight days off from work (Wayne County Community College is also on break).  What will I do with myself?  Well, believe me I have a lot that needs to be done, some of it Geek/Tech related of course.

  • Clean and Organize my iTunes Library: This thing is a total mess.  I know I have duplicate tracks in there that need removed.  I have tracks mislabeled via bad import jobs.  I also need to clean up/remove/add various playlists.  I really want to work on some good playlists so I do not have to search through two thousand + songs when I want to listen to music.
  • Clean and Organize my iPhoto Library:  See above.  I have a number of duplicate photos that need to be removed.  I also have some lousy photos that just need removed in general (years of "uploading" everything will do that.)  I need to delete old albums that are worthless as well.  If I am able to finish all of this I may work on a photo book or two for gifts.
  • Clean my Home Office: My home office is not really an office.  It is a loft, open to the rest of the house.  This is good and bad; good because I can work and still observe everything that is going on around me, bad because I can work and be annoyed by everything that is going on around me.  This loft is also home to a play kitchen/old video game and tube television area.   I really want to clean up this area and make the workspace more productive.  I would really love to dump the old television/entertainment center that is taking up a bunch of space here.
  • Write...and Write Some More:  I want to write more in three different areas.  I clearly want to write more often here for the The Geekly Reader.  This period of working full time, teaching an evening college course and taking four credit hours of college credit is overwhelming.  Thankfully college is winding down and my time to write should increase.  I also want to pick up my journal writing.  I have not wrote in my journal in a long time.  Lastly, I have a project I am working on....a first book I guess you could say, and I would really like to move it from notes to an outline.
  • Read...and Read Some More:  I am loving my March 2013 Read of the Month and will have a review up sometime next week!  With April starting soon, I need to find a book for next month!  I can spend some of my time off reading my selection.  I also look forward to reading to my kids while they are enjoying a week off school, which brings me to....
  • Spend Time With my Kids:  I love my job, I work with great people and am able to teach and interact with hundreds of great students (both at Carlson High School and Wayne County Community College).  However the best part of my job is being on the same schedule (for the most part) as my own kids.  When they are off, so am I.  I love playing the role of "Mr. Mom" and having fun with them.  Some plans for the week include a trip to The Henry Ford, a trip downtown to enjoy lunch with Mom and fun outside (if this weather ever improves).  I may try and hit a Pistons game with the kids as well

Now I know it is not as exciting as a trip to Punta Cana, but I am really looking forward to my Spring Break.  My list may not be all wild and crazy, and I do have some work related items that need attention as well, but it should be a great week.  The best part is clearly having a bunch of time to spend with my kids.....as I am starting to see just how quickly they are growing.  To everyone that is traveling for Spring Break, have fun and be safe!


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