April 2013 Read of the Month

I have picked up my April 2013 Read of the Month, Volume One of the Graphic Novel The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman.  I started watching The Walking Dead late in August of 2012 thanks to Netflix.  I was able to catch myself up before season three started this past fall.  If you are not familiar with the AMC "Zombie" hit The Walking Dead you may have just been living under a rock for the past year or so.  The show, based on Kirkman's graphic novels, follows Rick Grimes.  Grimes is one of the few survivors of a "zombie apocalypse" and is on a mission to find his wife and son in Georgia.  If you do not mind a little violence and gore you should check it out, here is the trailer for season one:


After the finale of season three aired on March 31st, 2013 I decided I would go back and read some of Kirkman's graphic novels.  I am curious to see how similar (or different) the books are to the television series.  I read my first graphic novel as a Read of the Month back in June of 2011 and really would like to read some more graphic novels.  Since I enjoy AMC's The Walking Dead I figured this was a great place to pick up with graphic novels.  Any The Walking Dead fans out there?  Have you read the graphic novels?  Thoughts???


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