March 2013 Read of the Month Review

Even with a late start on my March 2013 Read of the Month, Gone for Good, by Harlan Coben I was able to easily finish the book before April 1st.  A co-worker recommended this book and I am so glad I took the time for this read.  The novel follows Will Klein, as he deals with the death of his mother.  While visiting his childhood home he discovers his older brother, long on the run for the murder (allegedly) of a neighborhood girl, is still alive.  The quick chapters follow Will as he hopes to find his older brother (and hero) Ken Klein.

As Will searches for his brother, more mysteries arise (and more violent crimes).  I really do not want to give away too many plot twists, as the novel is full of them.  Let me just say, the novel had me shocked at the very end.  The chapters are quick reads, and the characters are interesting to say the least.  My only complaint with the book is the "realistic" factor.  I kept asking myself "how many bad things can happen to one guy?"  Coben has a number of books out, so I will definitely be picking up another of his titles in the near future.  Now I am off to enjoy Spring Break and pick out a read for April.  Happy Reading!


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