Bookstores Thriving?? It Looks Like it.

Interesting article today in The Detroit Free Press about the success of brick and mortar bookstores since the collapse of The Borders Group.  Books-A-Million and other independent stores are attempting to pick up the business left behind by Borders (and not picked up by Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble).  Locally, Ukazoo Books has a shop in Southgate which also sells (and buys) used books; a great feature for anyone with a growing library!

While I do enjoy reading eBooks on my iPad I still like reading paper copies of a book.  As a matter of fact, I am just about to finish reading my second print book this month.  I also enjoy spending time in an actual bookstore.  I (as well as my two kids) love browsing through various books enjoying quite time in a comfortable setting.  I really enjoyed visiting the Barnes and Noble in Allen Park last month.  Little things; like the ability to sit quietly and preview a book or meet an author and pick up a signed copy are the important touches that physical bookstores can still offer to the consumer.  I would go to the Allen Park Barnes and Noble location more often if it were a little closer to my house.

My Last Visit to Barnes and Noble in Allen Park

So, are you still a fan of the "brick and mortar" bookstore?  Where/What is you favorite book store?  Do you know any good independent stores in the area?  Has anyone visited a Books-A-Million store in Michigan?  I may have to pop in to the Monroe location one day this summer.  Happy Memorial Day and Happy Reading!


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