Xbox One Revealed

Today was a big day for gamers, as Microsoft revealed their new gaming device, The Xbox One.  Sadly, I was not too excited.  In the past I wrote about how I am still a gamer in my (now late) 30's.  However, I worry I may no longer be a "gamer."  I rarely play my Xbox 360 and I even let my Xbox Live subscription lapse last month.  I will play games now and then on my phone and with my kids, but the nights of staying up until two in the morning playing Call of Duty just do not take place any more.

The truth is, I still love gaming.  After Easter I spent weeks playing Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon on my son's Nintendo 3DS (great game by the way).  I just have a hard time finding time to game anymore.  After working all day (sometimes two jobs), taking care of the house and the kids I did not find much time for gaming.  Lately, I would rather read, write or listen to music once I finally have some free time.

So, will I buy the new Xbox?  I am not sure.  I know I will not be camping out, like I did years ago for the Sony Play Station 2.


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