June 2013 Read of the Month

Summer is here which means I have a little more time on my hands.  No teaching or coaching gigs; only one job until late August, "Mr. Mom!"  I may have to write an entire post on that job in the near future, but to kick off summer I had to select my Read of the Month for June!

I usually like to kick off my summer with an exciting read.  In the past I have selected true crime or mystery titles.  I browsed though the true crime section and nothing really caught my eye.  I also considered Dan Brown's new release, Inferno, but I will save that for July or August.  I decided to look back on my March 2013 Read of the Month review to pick my title for June.  I loved Harlan Coben's Gone for Good back in March so I decided to choose another of his titles this month.  For June 2013 I am reading Harlan Coben's Tell No One.

I decided to purchase the eBook version as I needed something to read before heading off to my daughter's two hour gymnastics class.  I am already off to a great start with this book.  It only took thirty pages for my jaw to hit the ground with a shocking twist.  The twists and turns are why I loved Gone for Good back in March and why I will probably love Tell No One as well.

So, what is your summer reading list?  Anyone give Inferno a try?  Stay tuned for my "Mr. Mom" post and my thoughts on the new gaming systems from Sony and Microsoft in the next few days!  Happy Reading!


  1. I just finished Life After Life by Kate Atkinson and it was SO GOOD. One of the best books I've read in a while. I enjoyed it so much that since I finished I've had a hard time picking something else to read, so I've been mainlining back seasons of The Good Wife while I make up my mind.

    If you're looking for an activity to do with the kids, I ran across this awesome art installation/dance party thing at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. It's called Tangle:

    "Tangle is a huge, messy, fun, interactive elastic weaving event created live by children and their families. It’s part spectacular visual arts installation, part performance, part playground, part dance party and all chaos.

    "In a space like a giant pegboard, children and families create a landscape together, weaving elastic in many colors around tall slender golden poles. It is an organic and constantly evolving piece, vibrant and fueled by live music. Tangle is where children take control and create a giant abstract visually stunning artwork in public spaces, by stretching their bodies and their imaginations."

    I'm going to take my daughter, but I don't know how into it she'll be because she's just one. Your kids are the right age to really have a great time.

    1. Oh! And I'd love to hear your thoughts on being Mr. Mom. I've signed Amy up for Kindermusik, and library story time starts again next week. We have a membership to Greenfield Village so if I get desperate we can take some carousel rides. Apparently Campus Martius has live music every day from noon to two, which we'll check out because she loves to dance. But I'm always looking for ways to fill day and any suggestions you have would be much appreciated!


    2. Thanks Meg, and sorry about the delay with my response. Silly me, I thought I would have nothing but time this summer since the school year ended. Thanks for the book title and suggestion for the kids. We love our HF/Village membership, which will be used this summer for sure. So far we have been busy with a ton of athletic camps/activities. Both Chloe and Nate are swimming every morning through Brownstown Recreation at Carlson High School. Chloe participated in the Volleyball youth camp last week and Basketball Youth Camp this week, she also has team gymnastics. Nate is playing T-Ball and Flag Football. Once some time opens up we hope to spend time at Lake Erie Metro Park, I hear they have a giant water slide in there this summer. Downtown Wyandotte/Elizabeth Park is also a great hangout in the summer!


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