June Read of the Month Update

I realize today is the final day of June, but I just wanted to give a brief update on my June 2013 Read of the Month, Tell No One.  I started off strong and then took a break mid-month.  A few notes as I get close to the end of this thriller:

  • I did not realize how old this book was when I first selected it to read.  It was published in 2001 and it shows.  Mentions of AOL's "You've Got Mail" and using Netscape Navigator as a web browser really dated this book for me (being a tech geek and all).  Not a big deal or anything, it just surprised me.
  • I still have a hard time getting over Harlan Coben having so much crazy "stuff" happen to normal, everyday people.  Part of me loves it, but another part of me is like "come on, how much can happen to a regular guy?"
  • I will share more in my full review, but Dr. David Beck (the protagonist) really annoyed me at points in the novel (especially the second half of the book).  Once this happens, I have a hard time getting through the entire book.  I never had this problem back when I read Gone for Good.  I will share more after I complete the book and provide my full review.
Now I just need to wrap up the final pages of the book, if I can wrestle the iPad away from the kids as they are now hooked on Minecraft.  Look for a full review before the 4th!  I also need to find something to read for July.  Happy Reading!


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