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July 2013 Read of the Month Review

Just completed my July 2013 Read of the Month Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.  I purchased a copy to donate to my library at Carlson High School.  The book follows the relationship of Eleanor and Park from its beginning on a bus ride to high school.  Eleanor is a new student with no place to sit on the bus on her first day at her new school.  Park is kind enough to share his seat, while others are more willing to tease the odd looking new student. Soon, the relationship begins to grow between Eleanor and Park as they share an interest in comic books and 80's alternative music.  The relationship faces a number of challenges: Eleanor is constantly bullied at school, Park's mixed family hold him to high standards while judging Eleanor and Eleanor faces a difficult home situation. I really enjoyed the book.  While it appears to be a young-adult novel it really is an adult novel about young adults.  I really like how the point-of-view changes back and forth between Eleano

Google Takes a Shot at Apple TV and Roku

Many tech-savvy television fans have found digital set top boxes to bring streaming programming to their large screen televisions.   At $99, Apple TV lets viewers stream  their iTunes purchases in 1080p to their television.  Users can also stream items from the iPads, iPhones and iPods using AirPlay.  Roku has a variety of products including  the Roku 3  which brings a variety of streaming services and viewing options to the family television.  The Roku 3 (their top model) is also $99. Today, Google decided to get into the set-top-box streaming game with the introduction  of Chromecast for just $35!   From everything I have read, the Chromecast device simply plugs into a HDMI input on a television and using the household's wireless network allows for streaming from a variety of devices (including Apple/iOS devices).  This means users will be able to stream items from the iPhones (including using YouTube and Netflix Apps). Streaming To Your Television Just Became Cheaper An

Free App Leads to a New Way to Journal

Happy Birthday to the Apple App store.  Yes, Apple's App store officially turns five today.  To celebrate, Apple has been giving away some of their popular Apps this week.   I decided to check a few of them out, and figured I would give them a chances since they were free.  A free App that quickly caught my eye was Day One, an electronic journal App available for the Mac platform and the iPhone/iPad/iPod line. The Day One Journal App for Apple Users In the past I wrote about how I still journal write often.   I still have a variety of notebooks and try to write in them at home near the end of my day.  Lately, I just do not have the drive to go grab one of my notebooks and start writing daily.  My notebooks tend to be an unorganized, random collection of thoughts.  I really do not have a problem with that system, I just wish I had a better organized system.  I also wish I had the ability to quickly journal and record information wherever I am (even when I do not have a pen a

July 2013 Read of the Month

I just ordered my July 2013 Read of the Month, the young adult novel Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.   I found the book thanks to Amazon's "Best Books of the Year So Far" search option.  Each summer I read a new Young Adult/Teen novel that I donate and add to the collection of my library at Carlson High School.  That will be the case once again as I have ordered the hardcover print copy to read this month. July 2013 Read of the Month, Eleanor and Park The book explores the unique relationship that grows between two strangers during their bus ride.  According to the Amazon review the novel is set in 1986 which will bring me back to my younger days.  The two main characters, Eleanor and Park, both have issues at home that help drive the plot.  The book has some great reviews, so I am looking forward to this read and adding it to the collection at Carlson High School.  It will be nice to read an actual physical book this month and not an eBook.  Be sure to keep

June 2013 Read of the Month Review

I was able to complete my June 2013 Read of the Month, Tell No One by Harlan Coben.   The novel follows Dr. David Beck.  It has been eight years since his wife was murdered by a serial killer while they were on a yearly get-a-way to a remote cabin.  Dr. Beck was brutally attacked as well and was lucky to survive.  Now, eight years later, clues come to the surface that may point to a new suspect. I really am limited to how much plot I can describe without giving away a major surprise that is revealed in the first 100 pages.  The surprise literally shocked me; my mouth was wide open as I was reading in the gymnastics waiting room a few weeks ago with my daughter.  I will just say that Dr. Beck's life spirals out of control as new events (and crimes) take the reader on a wild ride.  This is part of my problem with both Harlan Coben novels I have read so far; crazy events that seem to happen to average guys.  The plot twists are absolutely crazy.  Part of me hates it, but another par