Free App Leads to a New Way to Journal

Happy Birthday to the Apple App store.  Yes, Apple's App store officially turns five today.  To celebrate, Apple has been giving away some of their popular Apps this week.  I decided to check a few of them out, and figured I would give them a chances since they were free.  A free App that quickly caught my eye was Day One, an electronic journal App available for the Mac platform and the iPhone/iPad/iPod line.

The Day One Journal App for Apple Users

In the past I wrote about how I still journal write often.  I still have a variety of notebooks and try to write in them at home near the end of my day.  Lately, I just do not have the drive to go grab one of my notebooks and start writing daily.  My notebooks tend to be an unorganized, random collection of thoughts.  I really do not have a problem with that system, I just wish I had a better organized system.  I also wish I had the ability to quickly journal and record information wherever I am (even when I do not have a pen and notebook on hand).  That is where Day One shines!

Day One via the iPhone is an elegant, user-friendly journal tool.  Entries are automatically dated and time stamped.  Thanks to the GPS option my location is included as well as the current weather with each post.  I just started using the App yesterday and really find myself enjoying my journal writing.  I also enjoy the ability to include photographs with posts and the ability to upload and share posts over various Apple devices.  My phone is nearly always at my side, so I really do not have an excuse for at least a little daily journal writing.

I am seriously considering purchasing the full Mac version for my Macbook Pro so I can journal and sync across all of my machines.  While the mobile version is free (temporarly), the full version is $9.99, still not bad for a full computer version.  I think I will explore my mobile version for a few more weeks before making the full purchase.

I really look forward to using Day One via my iPhone.  I think it will be a great travel tool and help with my plans to write a book.  It will also keep me writing on a more frequent schedule.

Any Apple users may want to check out the iTunes store this week and pick up some quality free Apps.  It looks like I just found a nice one to help with my journal writing.  Now, only if the How to Cook Everything App can turn me into Joe Bastianich.


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