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August 2013 Read of the Month Review

I quickly finished my August 2013 Read of the Month: Killer Show by John Barylick.   It only took me a week to complete the book, which is a clear sign that I loved Killer Show .  I did not want to put my iPad down while reading my Kindle version of the book.  I was so engrossed in the book I used my iPhone's small screen to read when my kids claimed the iPad for Minecraft (not the best method for reading, but was still able to get a chapter or two completed).  Once again, Killer Show provides details on America's most deadly rock concert, the 2003 fire at The Station in West Warwick Rhode Island (during a Great White concert). Here are some of the things I loved about this book: Loaded with detailed information from a number of sources Plenty of background information is provided on The Station bar, the city of West Warwick, Great White and other major players involved in the tragedy. A number of personal stories of how various individuals arrived at The Station on Febr

August 2013 Read of the Month

Wow, it is almost back to school time.  The summer is flying by and I will be back at Carlson High School and Wayne County Community College in just a few weeks.  I need to squeeze in one more leisure read before I lose much of my free time.  For the month of August I selected a non-fiction/true crime title  Killer Show by John Barylick.   Killer Show  details the events of the tragic fire at The Station in West Warwick Rhode Island in February of 2003. Many Say One of the Best Non-Fiction Titles of 2012 The fire started quickly after 1980's band Great White took the stage and crude pyrotechnics ignited cheap "egg crate foam" that surrounded the stage (for noise reduction).  Within ten minutes the entire club was engulfed in flames.  The final death count would reach 100, making the Station fire the deadliest rock concert in U.S. History.  There is actual video of the  entire incident from start to finish (GRAPHIC).   A news crew was on hand to film the concert.  T