August 2013 Read of the Month Review

I quickly finished my August 2013 Read of the Month: Killer Show by John Barylick.  It only took me a week to complete the book, which is a clear sign that I loved Killer Show.  I did not want to put my iPad down while reading my Kindle version of the book.  I was so engrossed in the book I used my iPhone's small screen to read when my kids claimed the iPad for Minecraft (not the best method for reading, but was still able to get a chapter or two completed).  Once again, Killer Show provides details on America's most deadly rock concert, the 2003 fire at The Station in West Warwick Rhode Island (during a Great White concert).

Here are some of the things I loved about this book:
  • Loaded with detailed information from a number of sources
  • Plenty of background information is provided on The Station bar, the city of West Warwick, Great White and other major players involved in the tragedy.
  • A number of personal stories of how various individuals arrived at The Station on February 20th, 2003 for the concert.
  • A chapter on the science of fire and how is spreads (and how it spread in this case).
  • A chapter on the science of burns and how the human body responds to smoke and fire.  The chapter also has input on the psychology of being involved in a public fire.
  • Full coverage of the aftermath (recovery stories, criminal and civil hearings)
  • A epilogue which included the author's personal opinion on various individuals involved in the event.
Photo of the Station fire from Killer Show

If you are a true-crime fan and can handle a few cringe-worthy sections on burns and treatment you may want to give this book a chance.  You will be angry when you realize how cutting corners to save a few bucks cost so many lives.  The book also opened my eyes to how quickly a fire can spread in a public place.  


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