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September 2013 Read of the Month

Yes, it is late in the month to pick out a book to read, but I need to start sometime right?  Thanks to a suggestion in the comments of my of my July 2013 Read of the Month Review I plan to purchase Just One Look by Harlan Coben.   I have already read a couple of Coben's books, and while I usually find the story lines to be unbelievable I still find myself coming back for more.  After-all, reading fiction is all about escaping reality right? Happy To Be Back Reading and Writing As I mentioned in the previous entry, I really enjoyed the character Eric Wu in Tell No One and a commenter informed me he appears in this book.  A couple chapters are even told from his perspective.  I am really looking forward to learning more about this complex, killing machine.  I am still deciding how to purchase this book.  I can go used or Kindle via Amazon, or since I am being Gymnastics Dad at the new gym I can cross the parking lot to look for a used copy at Ukazoo books in Southgate.   I

Nothing But Lazy and an Empty Brain

I took some time off from writing for two reasons: I was lazy and wanted to enjoy my final weeks off before another busy school year. I was really stumped for ideas about topics to write about Lame excuses you say?  Yes I agree, however sometimes the brain just needs a break and goes into shutdown mode.  August actually kicked off with a great book,  Killer Show by John Barylick.   I finished the book in a week and quickly reviewed it in my last post (8/8/2013); embarrassing I know!  I spent the rest of August enjoying time with my family including an exciting trip to Chicago. Nate and I Enjoying a Chicago Trolley Ride I really needed a little "wind down" time before heading back to work.  I am back to work full time at Carlson High School running the library.  I am also the Student Council Advisor and Advanced Placement Coordinator.  My Student Council job included attempting (thank you Mother Nature) to put on an outdoor movie at Carlson High School.  I was r