Nothing But Lazy and an Empty Brain

I took some time off from writing for two reasons:

  1. I was lazy and wanted to enjoy my final weeks off before another busy school year.
  2. I was really stumped for ideas about topics to write about
Lame excuses you say?  Yes I agree, however sometimes the brain just needs a break and goes into shutdown mode.  August actually kicked off with a great book, Killer Show by John Barylick.  I finished the book in a week and quickly reviewed it in my last post (8/8/2013); embarrassing I know!  I spent the rest of August enjoying time with my family including an exciting trip to Chicago.

Nate and I Enjoying a Chicago Trolley Ride
I really needed a little "wind down" time before heading back to work.  I am back to work full time at Carlson High School running the library.  I am also the Student Council Advisor and Advanced Placement Coordinator.  My Student Council job included attempting (thank you Mother Nature) to put on an outdoor movie at Carlson High School.  I was running all over, planning an event that never took place (it will in the future).  

Add in my part-time professor gig at Wayne County Community College and volunteer Flag Football coach and it is easy to see why I needed some downtime.  I also have to admit I was starting to get stumped on topics.  With the rest period I now have some topics in back pocket to write about.  Over two hours of "Gymnastic Dad Time" every Tuesday will provide me with writing (and thinking time).  It is good to be back to school and back to writing.  Now it is time to pick out a book for September!  


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