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Looking for Your Next Read? I am....

Since I am spending the end of November searching for my December Read of the Month I thought it would be nice to share a tool to help readers find a new book.  I realize that readers can use both and to help find book recommendations.   Believe me, I love browsing both sites but sometimes I just want some book titles recommended quickly.  This is where "The Book Seer" comes to the rescue.  One of my co-workers tipped me off to this helpful site. is about as simple as a site can be; simply enter the title and author of the last book you enjoyed and the site will kick out a list of other books you should enjoy reading.  The site simply pulls the information form Amazon, but it provides it in a quick, easy to read list of titles.  No weeding through advertisements, long reviews and various links.   A simple, list of titles is presented so you are able to pick a book quickly.  It appears that Goodreads will also be used as a source (it

Where Did the Fall Go?

The months of September and October seemed to last minutes (at least in my mind). For me, it truly is the busiest time of year.  I am back to work at my full time job at Carlson High School, my Student Council Advisor responsibilities (including homecoming) are running non-stop, I am teaching six credit hours at Wayne County Community College and add in my parent/spouse responsibilities and I was absolutely swamped this fall. When I am not at work or preparing for work at home I driving my kids all over town to their activities.  Finally, as we reach late November my calendar is starting to open up a little.  My college courses only have two meeting remaining and my role as Cleveland Browns Flag Football coach is now over. I am embarrassed to report that I have not read a book since my August 2013 Read of the Month which was an amazing read.  I hope to change that with December.  I also look forward to writing my annual Holiday Tech Gift List like I do each time around this time of

I'm Making My Way Back

I realize I've been in quite the hiatus, but I think my schedule is about to calm down and allow for more writing.  I was just spread way too thin for the first two months of the school year, but I am ready to come back writing.  I apologize to readers I just left hanging, and I hope you come back.