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December 2013 Read of the Month

Now that my college teaching is finished for the semester (I gave the last of my two final exams yesterday) I can get back to reading for pleasure.  It has been way too long, but I had no choice but to take some time off since August.  The 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was all over the news at the end of November.  With all of the coverage I was interested in Bill O'Reily's Killing Kennedy.   I picked up a copy for the Carlson High School Library and started reading it this past week. Some Non-Fiction for my December Read of the Month  I have heard good things about the book.  I am also a big Rob Lowe fan (from his days on The West Wing ) so after reading I may have to give the made for TV film version of the book a try.   This is the second of three "Killing" books by the Fox News host.  He has also authored Killing Lincoln and Killing Jesus .  If I enjoy this book I may have to give Killing Lincoln a try.  Anyone out th