December 2013 Read of the Month Review/2014 Read of the Month

Happy New Year!  I was fortunate to finish 2013 and start 2014 with a wonderful vacation to Arizona and California.  I easily completed my December 2013 Read of the Month during my travels.  Bill O'Reily's Killing Kennedy provides readers with a wealth of information regarding the November 22, 1963 assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.  The book provides a great deal of information on most of the individuals involved with the assassination: President Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, trigger man Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswald's killer Jack Ruby.

While I do not agree with Bill O'Reily's politics most of the time I still have to give him credit for a very good book.  The first thing I can say about the book is that I was able to learn a great deal about everyone involved in this American tragedy.  Not only does the reader learn a great deal about the actual assassination, but background information on Kennedy and his administration (and personal life) is provided throughout the book.  The same goes for Lee Harvey Oswald, as readers are able to trace his troubled life as well.  If the topic interests you, you may want to give this book a try.

Now that it is a new month (and new year) I need to find a new book.  Funny thing, I have jury duty downtown tomorrow so I am really in need of an actual book.  I did not have time to pick one up so I searched through the house and found an old James Patterson book that I have yet to read.  Since jurors can not bring electronics into the courthouse I have no choice but to go with London Bridges.  London Bridges is another "Alex Cross" novel by Patterson that is a little old (paperback published in 2005).  Back in the day I really enjoyed the Alex Cross novels, but this particular title is poorly reviewed on  I already have some ideas for February, but this book will have to work for now.  Happy Reading!


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