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Yes, I Subscribed to the WWE Network

Earlier this month I  wrote an entry on all of the streaming  options available to television fans.  In my piece I mentioned  The WWE Network.   The WWE Network was introduced earlier this year and is a streaming network.  I had promised my son, who has become a big WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment...or WWF for your old school fans) that I would purchase Wrestlemania 30 on pay-per-view if he had a "good year" in school.  Once WWE introduced their new network a couple of months before Wrestlemania 30 they made signing up for the network a "no-brainer."  I will explain shortly....but here is a summary of the streaming network: How Do I Watch?:   As I mentioned, the WWE network is a total streaming network.  You will not find it in a cable or satellite lineup.  If you pay for the lineup you are able to watch with a high-speed Internet connect on your phone, tablet or computer.  You are also able to stream the network to your television via XBOX 360 or XBOX 1 or the

May 2014 Read of the Month

Since I am back writing, it also means I am back reading.  I love sharing what I am reading each month with my readers.  What I really enjoy is when readers share titles or authors for me to read! I decided to go back to my last completed read of the month to find my current title.  Back in December I finished Bill O'Reily's  Killing Kennedy and I loved the book.  I am a history minor and I am always interested in historical non-fiction....especially related to United States History and our presidents.  Therefore, I decided to pick right up with O'Reily's books and selected Killing Lincoln . Two O'Reilly Books in a Row?  Just Call Me Mike Hannity I Guess.....   As I wrote in my previous O'Reilly review I may not agree with O'Reilly's politics, but that does not mean that I will not give his historical books a chance.  I really enjoyed Killing Kennedy and I do not see why I would not enjoy this book.  A few years ago I read James Swanson's M

It Is a Streaming World

Over the past year my television habits have changed greatly.  I found myself watching only a handful of shows as they appeared on network television (mainly The Walking Dead, Chicago Fire and the conclusion of Breaking Bad ).  I currently subscribe to three different streaming services for entertainment purposes in the Pehote household.  Each of the services can be streamed to my televisions, computers, tablets and phones. Amazon Prime Instant Video :  I have been a Prime member for a few years and really use it mainly for the fast (free) deliver on a number of items.  I never really watched much of their streaming selections.  In all honesty, their streaming library is not that great when compared to others that are available.  Recently,  Amazon announced a partnership with HBO  to include HBO Go streaming via Amazon Prime.  This may increase my use of Amazon's streaming selections.  I really want to watch  The Wire , which I have never had a chance to watch.  I also really

Not Enough Time on my Hands

Sunday, January 12, 2014....that was the last time I made any sort of effort to write for this blog.  My performance was not much better in the previous months.  Heck, I even wrote entries about why I had become such a lousy blogger.  Going on and on about how busy I was working 2.5 jobs, raising two kids while trying to be the best husband I could be.  Throw in all of the activities my kids were involved in and something had "to go." Sadly, the first thing that had to go was my blogging.  I did not want to give up on reading (of course) which meant writing was the hobby that had to be cut back.  I still kept writing in my journal, but just could not find the time to commit to The Geekly Reader . Today, I am happy to announce that I am back.  No really, this time I AM BACK!  For the past month I have been thinking about how much I have missed writing.  While I may not have had a huge audience, I know there were some readers out there and it appears they enjoyed my work.