May 2014 Read of the Month

Since I am back writing, it also means I am back reading.  I love sharing what I am reading each month with my readers.  What I really enjoy is when readers share titles or authors for me to read!

I decided to go back to my last completed read of the month to find my current title.  Back in December I finished Bill O'Reily's  Killing Kennedy and I loved the book.  I am a history minor and I am always interested in historical non-fiction....especially related to United States History and our presidents.  Therefore, I decided to pick right up with O'Reily's books and selected Killing Lincoln.

Two O'Reilly Books in a Row?  Just Call Me Mike Hannity I Guess..... 

As I wrote in my previous O'Reilly review I may not agree with O'Reilly's politics, but that does not mean that I will not give his historical books a chance.  I really enjoyed Killing Kennedy and I do not see why I would not enjoy this book.  A few years ago I read James Swanson's Manhunt and really enjoyed his book on the subject.  However,  Swanson's work focused more on hunting down John Wilkes Booth after the crime.  I believe O'Reilly will focus more on what takes place before President Lincoln's assassination and the actual crime.  I look forward to sharing a full review later this month!  Happy reading!


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