Not Enough Time on my Hands

Sunday, January 12, 2014....that was the last time I made any sort of effort to write for this blog.  My performance was not much better in the previous months.  Heck, I even wrote entries about why I had become such a lousy blogger.  Going on and on about how busy I was working 2.5 jobs, raising two kids while trying to be the best husband I could be.  Throw in all of the activities my kids were involved in and something had "to go."

Sadly, the first thing that had to go was my blogging.  I did not want to give up on reading (of course) which meant writing was the hobby that had to be cut back.  I still kept writing in my journal, but just could not find the time to commit to The Geekly Reader.

Today, I am happy to announce that I am back.  No really, this time I AM BACK!  For the past month I have been thinking about how much I have missed writing.  While I may not have had a huge audience, I know there were some readers out there and it appears they enjoyed my work.  As a matter of fact, loyal reader "Daddy-O" popped into my office this week to ask "where the heck have I been?"  Thankfully The News Herald did not dump me from their Blog Site so hopefully old readers will come back and I will pick up some new readers in the process.

With my long break, I have plenty of topics I look forward to writing about in the near future including:

  • Various streaming video options available to consumers
  • Various streaming music options available to consumers
  • The WWE Network (dork alert...amazing by the way)
  • All kinds of new gadgets for use throughout the home and office
  • My "Read of the Month"
  • Kids and Technology (my kids are growing up fast...and so is their hunger for gadgets)
  • Thoughts on the current state of education
  • Of course, my top 10/gift wish lists (what better topic since it is my birthday, right?)
  • Just about anything tech/geeky/booky that my readers would like to hear about
For my loyal readers, I hope you come back and enjoy the blog.  If you are new....welcome and enjoy.  Happy reading!!


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