Yes, I Subscribed to the WWE Network

Earlier this month I wrote an entry on all of the streaming options available to television fans.  In my piece I mentioned The WWE Network.  The WWE Network was introduced earlier this year and is a streaming network.  I had promised my son, who has become a big WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment...or WWF for your old school fans) that I would purchase Wrestlemania 30 on pay-per-view if he had a "good year" in school.  Once WWE introduced their new network a couple of months before Wrestlemania 30 they made signing up for the network a "no-brainer."  I will explain shortly....but here is a summary of the streaming network:

How Do I Watch?:  As I mentioned, the WWE network is a total streaming network.  You will not find it in a cable or satellite lineup.  If you pay for the lineup you are able to watch with a high-speed Internet connect on your phone, tablet or computer.  You are also able to stream the network to your television via XBOX 360 or XBOX 1 or the Play Station Network.  The WWE Network is also supported via Roku Streaming Players and Apple TV.

How Much Does It Cost?:  The network costs $9.99 a month and requires a minimum six month commitment.  That comes to $59.94 for an initial investment into the network.  Users are billed $9.99 each month, not the total cost.  Although I did read that Apple TV subscribers were billed the entire $59.94 upon subscribing.

What Is Included?:  A huge library of wrestling programing is included.  Every WWE, WCW, and ECW pay-per-view event from the past is included.  Want to re-live Wrestlemania 3 from the Pontiac Silverdome?  Not a problem, you can enjoy the Macho-Man vs. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat match as many times as you like.  Much older historical WWF programing is also available to view in "The Vault" as it is called.  The network is also attempting some original programing as well, however the most important programming draw is that each current WWE Pay-Per-View is included.  This is why I purchased the network instead of just buying Wrestlemania 30.  The cost for Wrestlemania 30 was $59.95....even more if I wanted it in high definition.  For the cost of one pay-per-view I was able to subscribe for six months...which will include Wrestlemania 30 and five additional pay-per-view events.

Yes, My Father and I are Somewhere in this Photo
Of course I bought the network only for my son, but after three months I have to say I am happy with what the $9.95 a month has delivered.  Will I keep the network after my initial six months expire?  Well, that depends if Nate is still into wrestling as much as he is right now.  If you have some wrestling fans in your home, The WWE Network may be for you.


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