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June 2014 Read of the Month Review

I easily completed my  June 2014 Read of the Month; In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.   I can easily see why the work is considered a classic.   In Cold Blood  is not the normal "true crime" book.  Capote would often refer to it as the "non fiction novel." Capote traveled to Kansas with his childhood friend Harper Lee to write an article on the Clutter family murders for The New Yorker .  Six years and eight thousand pages of notes later led to Capote's famous book. The book is loaded with details and Capote's use of the English language is amazing.  He was truly a gifted writer.  The book is divided into four main sections Background information on The Clutter family and the criminals Richard "Dick" Hickcock and Perry Edward Smith.  This section of the book takes the reader right up to the point of Hickcock and Smith parking their car along the Clutter family farm. Discovery of the crime scene and Hickock and Smith's escape across the c

Mr. Mom's Summer Plans 2014

Wow, it is hard to believe my first post  was back in April of 2010.   My kids were only two and four at the time and my summers where much different than they are today.  Back in those days I was still changing diapers and taking four years later, wow have things changed. My kids are now seven and nine years old and their activities and interests have changed one would expect.  So, what will I be doing this summer as Mr. Mom? Camps, camps and more camps.  Chloe participated with the Carlson Volleyball camp and both kids are taking part in the Carlson Basketball camp this week.  Competitive swimming through Brownstown recreation will start in July.  Oh and how can I forget Chloe's frequent visits to gymnastics......uggg. Reading visits to Chapman Elementary School.  I love that the Gibraltar School District opens Chapman every Wednesday through the summer to let kids read, check out books, and take AR tests.   A few trips to  The Henry For

Searching for a Last Minute Father's Day Gift? Try Amazon Prime

In the past I wrote about how much  I enjoy Amazon Prime.   While the cost for the yearly service has grown from $79 to $99 per year since I wrote my earlier entries I think it is important to include just what that $99 will provide to subscribers. Free two day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping for most (not all) items available via Access to a large selection of Ebooks for your kindle via the Amazon Lending Library Access to a number of movies to programs via Amazon Prime Video Streaming.  Amazon recently partnered with HBO to stream much of their older original programing. Access to  Prime Music  Amazon's new music streaming service. If you use all aspects of the Prime membership it is a great value.  The music service was just added in the past week.  I just started exploring the Prime Music options and there are a large number of great artists, songs and playlists.   So if you are still looking for a last minute gift, whip out your Visa and buy Dad

Wait, it is Not Ok to Read that Book....What?

This was a big weekend for young adult fiction fans in more ways than one.   The Fault in Our Stars  hit the big screen to large crowds and strong reviews.  The movie is based on the young adult novel with the same title by John Green.  Green is one of my favorite authors, as I have read nearly all of his books.  His books fly off my shelves in the Carlson High School Library.  As a close to 40 something adult I really enjoy his work....which brings me to the other big news involving young adult fiction. A New York Times Best Seller...Remember That as you Read What Comes Next This week in an article via  Ruth Graham shames adult readers  for reading...and mainly enjoying young adult fiction.  The article proceeds to mention that many of these young adult novels have been finding there way into adult hands and then moving on to enjoy success as movies as well.  While Graham does include the disclaimer "read whatever you want" that did not stop many from expre

June 2014 Read of the Month

As I have mentioned,  I enjoy reading true crime books  each year.  I usually pick one up in the summer when I spend a good deal of time watching Investigation Discover on cable.  This year I decided to read what many consider to be one of the best true crime books ever written,  In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. In Cold Blood tells the tale of the murder of Kansas farmer Herbert Clutter, his wife and two of his four children.  After learning of the murder Truman Capote traveled to Kansas to write about the crime.  I know nothing of the crime but I have heard of the book before and I have always wanted to give it a read. Original Cover of Capote's Work, The Same in the Carlson Library! Some consider Capote's work to be a classic not only in the true crime genre, but also through all of non-fiction.  I have just started the book but I can tell it is unlike any true crime book I have ever read before.  Capote's use of language is not what I expect while reading a typi

May 2014 Read of the Month Review

It is time to review my  May 2014 Read of the Month   Killing Lincoln  by Bill O'Reily.  This is the second "Killing" title I have read by O'Reily.  This was a quick read for me and I really enjoyed this historical title.  As I mentioned when I introduced this title back in May I had read Manhunt  which spent much more time focusing on chasing down Lincoln's assassin John Wilkes Booth.  O'Reily's book spent much more time explaining the final days of the Civil War and the impact it had on Lincoln and Booth. I was able to finish this book quickly as I found the information quite interesting.  I find that O'Reily likes to write about history and then hint at conspiracy theories in his books.  He did it in Killing Kennedy  and he did it again in this book.  While he states he has no proof, O'Reily puts out some hints that Lincoln's Secretary of War, Edwing M. Stanton, may have had some role in Lincoln's assassination.  The facts presented l