May 2014 Read of the Month Review

It is time to review my May 2014 Read of the Month Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reily.  This is the second "Killing" title I have read by O'Reily.  This was a quick read for me and I really enjoyed this historical title.  As I mentioned when I introduced this title back in May I had read Manhunt which spent much more time focusing on chasing down Lincoln's assassin John Wilkes Booth.  O'Reily's book spent much more time explaining the final days of the Civil War and the impact it had on Lincoln and Booth.

I was able to finish this book quickly as I found the information quite interesting.  I find that O'Reily likes to write about history and then hint at conspiracy theories in his books.  He did it in Killing Kennedy and he did it again in this book.  While he states he has no proof, O'Reily puts out some hints that Lincoln's Secretary of War, Edwing M. Stanton, may have had some role in Lincoln's assassination.  The facts presented leave the reader thinking that Stanton may not be so innocent.

I also enjoyed the end of the book, as O'Reily used the space to provide a recap about all of the major players in the book and what would become of them.  He really does a great job wrapping everything up for the reader.  I highly recommend both Killing Lincoln and Manhunt for any Civil War/History fans out there.  Now it is time for me to pick out a book for June.  Happy Reading!


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