Mr. Mom's Summer Plans 2014

Wow, it is hard to believe my first post was back in April of 2010.  My kids were only two and four at the time and my summers where much different than they are today.  Back in those days I was still changing diapers and taking four years later, wow have things changed.

My kids are now seven and nine years old and their activities and interests have changed one would expect.  So, what will I be doing this summer as Mr. Mom?

  • Camps, camps and more camps.  Chloe participated with the Carlson Volleyball camp and both kids are taking part in the Carlson Basketball camp this week.  Competitive swimming through Brownstown recreation will start in July.  Oh and how can I forget Chloe's frequent visits to gymnastics......uggg.
  • Reading visits to Chapman Elementary School.  I love that the Gibraltar School District opens Chapman every Wednesday through the summer to let kids read, check out books, and take AR tests.  
  • A few trips to The Henry Ford to make use of that wonderful membership I pay for each year.
  • Some minor landscaping jobs around the house....which I am not looking forward to....but the boss says it needs to be completed.
  • Reading and writing for myself.....a  lot.  I neglected doing this way too much in 2013 - early 2014.  I need to set this time to myself because I really enjoy reading and writing.  I hope to read at least one book per month.  I also plan to keep this blog up to date and write in my journal more often.  I also want to spend more time on my constant work-in-progress book.

So, what do you have planned this summer?  How do you keep the kids entertained?  I now I complain about being Mr. Mom sometimes, but the truth is I love the time home with my kids.  I am one lucky dad.


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