August 2014 Read of the Month

My August 2014 Read of the Month is a book I really wanted to read last September.  I have read a few of Harlan Coben's books and I really enjoy his work.  I mentioned that I really enjoyed his character Eric Wu in Tell No One and one of my readers suggested Just One Look because Wu reappears in this title.

I have mentioned before that I usually enjoy Coben's writing.  The action keeps me on the edge of my seat.  Readers can also pick up any Coben book and start reading, his work is not a series.  To be honest I picked up this book at the Trenton Public Library and am already finished.  I enjoyed the book so much I was able to finish it in about three days.  I will still write a full review at the end of the month.

Hard to believe that it is already August.  I will be back teaching classes at Wayne County Community College in just a couple weeks and back at Carlson High School at the end of this month.  I hope everyone is having a great summer!  Keep reading!


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