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Back to School 2017

It is the final day of July and the "Back to School" sections have been up for a week or two already...or longer. While I was visiting Maui in early July the Walmart had their school supplies front and center. Time for a confession: I LOVE back to school shopping, and not just because I'm teacher. I have actually loved school supply shopping since my days in elementary school....what a geek, I know, but for some reason I always looked forward to picking out supplies for the new school year. Now it is time for me to share my "Back to School" list for 2017. The most expensive item on my list would be a  new 13" Macbook Pro  My current computer, that I'm using to write this post, is going on five years old and starting to show its age. I have been happy with my current Apple notebook and plan to continue to use an Apple notebook for my main computer at home. I use the machine to write, DJ, edit photos, web design, and web surfing. I really am not sol

July 2017 Read of the Month

I was blessed to enjoy a wonderful vacation to Maui earlier this month. With any beach vacation (and long flights) one needs a book or two to enjoy during the trip. I decided to bring along  Harlan Coben's Fool me Once  to enjoy on my vacation. Nothing beats a paperback thriller to enjoy around the pool. I have read  a number of Coben's books before  and always enjoyed them so I figured this would be a great choice, plus it was a paperback which is always nicer to have around the pool (believe me, mine took some water damage throughout the week.) Some more Coben for a summer read I always enjoy Coben's books because they are quick reads with plenty of action with well developed characters....I mean  Eric Wu is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time!  The protagonist in Fool me Once  is a strong female Army Captain, Maya Stern. She is intelligent, strong (mentally and physically,) and likeable. As I have mentioned before, if I do not enjoy a book I will o

"I'm Back Baby!"

Three years.....nearly three years. Quite a long time between posts. There are plenty of excuses I could make to explain my absence but none of them are worth my or your time. Not writing here does not mean I have not been writing, it just means I have not been writing anything for public consumption. I continue to journal and last year started working on my first book. It has been a while, so I guess I should start with sharing a little about the last two years and allow readers to get caught up with everything. I am still the librarian at O.A. Carlson High School. I will start year 19 at Carlson this September and I am now the most senior staff member (by years of service...not age....just saying.) I love my job and continue to serve as PA announcer for the district and Student Council Adviser at Carlson High School. We have worked hard to expand and improve our literacy team. I am also back coaching; I now coach the Shumate Middle School Cross Country and Shumate Track and Fiel