Back to School 2017

It is the final day of July and the "Back to School" sections have been up for a week or two already...or longer. While I was visiting Maui in early July the Walmart had their school supplies front and center. Time for a confession: I LOVE back to school shopping, and not just because I'm teacher. I have actually loved school supply shopping since my days in elementary school....what a geek, I know, but for some reason I always looked forward to picking out supplies for the new school year.

Now it is time for me to share my "Back to School" list for 2017.
  1. The most expensive item on my list would be a new 13" Macbook Pro My current computer, that I'm using to write this post, is going on five years old and starting to show its age. I have been happy with my current Apple notebook and plan to continue to use an Apple notebook for my main computer at home. I use the machine to write, DJ, edit photos, web design, and web surfing. I really am not sold on the "touch bar" feature and plan to purchase the base model, I just wish Apple offered more than two USB 3 ports on the non touch-bar model.  Oh well, I can purchase an adapter to expand the number of ports.
  2. Even with a fancy laptop and iPhone I still love to use a "Pencil and Paper" planner. Through the years I have tried a number of different types/brands but last year I gave the Moleskine 18 month weekly notebook a shot. I loved it; it was the perfect size and very user-friendly. I bought my current notebook last July and it runs through December of 2017. I will probably wait until December to buy a new version.
  3. I love...... 
    Every teacher/coach/sponsor needs Sharpies!

    Sharpies, yes I love them. I use them all the time in all lines of my work. They also always disappear throughout the year, so I need to replenish my supply.
  4. As you know I love to write, and I really enjoy to write long-hand. That means I need some new pens every year. I found these Bic Atlantis pens last year and really like them. I only bought a two-pack and they have disappeared. That just means I need to pick up this 12-pack this year.
  5. Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift cards. Why? To buy books and more books to read throughout the year and then add to the Carlson High School library. 
So there is my 2017 back to school list. It may be short, but with a new laptop it is not cheap. What it is on your back to school list this year? Do you enjoy back to school shopping or dread it? Happy shopping!


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