"I'm Back Baby!"

Three years.....nearly three years. Quite a long time between posts. There are plenty of excuses I could make to explain my absence but none of them are worth my or your time. Not writing here does not mean I have not been writing, it just means I have not been writing anything for public consumption. I continue to journal and last year started working on my first book.

It has been a while, so I guess I should start with sharing a little about the last two years and allow readers to get caught up with everything.

  • I am still the librarian at O.A. Carlson High School. I will start year 19 at Carlson this September and I am now the most senior staff member (by years of service...not age....just saying.) I love my job and continue to serve as PA announcer for the district and Student Council Adviser at Carlson High School. We have worked hard to expand and improve our literacy team. I am also back coaching; I now coach the Shumate Middle School Cross Country and Shumate Track and Field teams...and I love it! I still teach English courses here and there at Wayne County Community College.
  • At home, my two little-ones are not so little any longer. My oldest is going into eight grade at Shumate and my youngest will be in fifth grade. It is hard to believe that in just a year my daughter will be joining me at Carlson High School. I still happily live within the Gibraltar School District and would not change a thing about where I live and work.
  • I still love to read and write. I still loved new gadgets and technology. I also love to travel any chance I get. I still plan to write often about the books I am reading and the gadgets, apps, services, and websites I frequent. I also hope to start writing a little more about my travels and my experiences in the education field. I imagine by branching out on possible topics it will help keep me writing and help push me along with the book I am currently writing.
Hopefully readers will enjoy popping in once and a while to enjoy my writing. I am sure my mom (editor) will be back to let me know when I make mistakes (happens more often than I would like to admit) and I am pretty sure I can bring back former loyal reader "Daddy O" with a few posts. Even if I have zero readers I will be happy with the fact that I will be writing more often....something that I need to do....for myself.

So here we are, late July 2017, nearly three years since my last post. Social media sites and apps have come and gone, a reality "star" is President of the United States, printed books are still around, I can respond to a tweet with a funny GIF in seconds, and order a pizza with an app on my phone. What a world!


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