July 2017 Read of the Month

I was blessed to enjoy a wonderful vacation to Maui earlier this month. With any beach vacation (and long flights) one needs a book or two to enjoy during the trip. I decided to bring along Harlan Coben's Fool me Once to enjoy on my vacation. Nothing beats a paperback thriller to enjoy around the pool.

I have read a number of Coben's books before and always enjoyed them so I figured this would be a great choice, plus it was a paperback which is always nicer to have around the pool (believe me, mine took some water damage throughout the week.)
Some more Coben for a summer read

I always enjoy Coben's books because they are quick reads with plenty of action with well developed characters....I mean Eric Wu is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time! The protagonist in Fool me Once is a strong female Army Captain, Maya Stern. She is intelligent, strong (mentally and physically,) and likeable. As I have mentioned before, if I do not enjoy a book I will often quit half-way through. Having a strong protagonist definitely helped hook me into Fool me Once.

I loved 85% of this book and had no problem with how the plot and characters progressed. My problem is the ending. Coben always includes multiple plot twists, so I knew there would be at least one coming at the end of the novel (don't worry, as usual I will not spoil anything here.) I just need to say...I hated the way the novel ended...hated the big twist. I could see it coming, and kept telling myself that is not how it would end, but I was wrong. The ending just let me down after reading up to that point. Fool me Once was heading to a 4/5 starts until the ending....and then I had to drop it 2.5/5. Great characters once again, especially if you enjoy a strong female protagonist, but I wish I had picked a different title after reaching the end. Happy reading!


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