The CHS Library is October Ready

Big shout-out to the Carlson High School Literacy Team for their hard work decorating the library for October. The student leader of the CHS Literacy Team Evan Bonello continues to work hard to make the library an inviting workspace for the students of Carlson High School.

During the month of October, Carlson students also have the opportunity to recommend new authors/titles for addition to the Carlson library collection. The best way to add new books to our collection is to hear right from our patrons. Thank you to all of the staff and students that have provided excellent suggestions during the month. Look for titles to be added before Thanksgiving break.

The literacy team still has some big plans for the remainder of the month including planning a reading visit to Chapman Elementary School and creating a book display to welcome author John Green's new release Turtles All the Way Down

Happy Booktober and keep reading! 


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