Happy November 2017

The school year quickly moves along. November is gearing up to be a busy month. Here is what we have planned in the Carlson High School Library this month:

  • We have our first Literacy Team reading visit at Chapman Elementary School next week. I will be sure to write a post and include some photos. I am also happy to report that we have visits set up for all four elementary schools in the district this school year.
  • On election day there is an important bond vote for the Gibraltar School District. If it passes it would bring big changes to our library (and the rest of the district!) I know how I will be voting! If you reside in the GSD be sure to vote on election day please!
  • I head to Lansing 11/15 - 11/17 to attend the Michigan Association of Media in Education (MAME) conference. I am excited to be a presenter this year.....my first time ever presenting a full session.
  • Upon my return from the conference I will place our first large order of new titles for the CHS library. We have some great recommendations from the staff and students of Carlson High School! I also look forward to bringing back some title recommendations from MAME.
  • I am currently working on renewing our exemplary status as a 21st Century School Library Program. I am proud of this status and I am dedicated to keeping our current "exemplary" status for the next three-year period!
Throw in the extra announcing of CHS Football playoff games (which I hope continues after tomorrow evening) and you can see that November will be just as busy as September and October....just a little cooler.  I would not have it any other way, keep reading!


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